Taking On Giants With Alpesh Patel

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Alpesh Patel is the outspoken Founder and CEO of Africa’s first home-grown mobile device brand, Mi-Fone. He is also formerly the Director of Sales at Motorola Mobile Devices for Africa, as well a seasoned entrepreneur who’s seen his fair share of ups and downs.

Alpesh is famous for standing his ground whenever the odds are stacked against him, and especially when faced with bullying tactics by the likes of global mobile device producer, Xiaomi. And in a week that’s seen Kenneth Nkosana Makate win his 15-year legal battle against Vodacom in South Africa, there’s no doubt that this Workers’ Day is all about celebrating the grit and determination of “The Little Guy”.

In this relaxed conversation, I was privileged to discover the secret behind Mi-Fone’s growth from a modest mobile device brand to having a footprint in over 15 countries throughout Africa. His name is Alpesh Patel.