Making The First Team With Brandon Bekker

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African Tech Conversations is back for Season 2!

Over the next five weeks you can look forward to listening in on candid conversations I’ll be having with five leading personalities drawn from Africa’s tech scene.

This week, Andile Masuku sits down with Brandon Bekker, who is Managing Director for Africa and the Middle East at email security firm, Mimecast. This former pro rugby player and lawyer-turned-tech salesman has come a long way from his humble entry level position at Internet Solutions.

Prior to joining Mimecast in 2008, Brandon spent 10 years within the Dimension Data Group, and ended up serving in executive positions at both Internet Solutions and Dimension Data. At Mimecast, Brandon’s credited for contributing significantly to the company’s continued growth into a serious international player within email security management.

In this episode, you’ll learn what went into Brandon's decision to leave the security of working for a large listed tech company to join a startup. Listen in to find out what he had to say when asked whether or not email will exist in the next 5 years, and whether Mimecast isn't perhaps a data business which just happens to provide email security solutions.